Lisa Bova’s Word for the Year-Freedom


I met Lisa Bova over 10 years ago back when she was a realtor and was very impressed with her. We have kept in touch over the years-I always enjoyed touching base with her. I am so excited where life is leading her now. I thought she would be an inspiration to you all so I asked Lisa to share her Word for the Year with you. I love what she wrote, I can totally relate. I think you will too. Enjoy!

From Lisa-

When Debbie asked me to write a blog on my word for the year, I knew exactly what the word would be-Freedom.  I had been using this word for few months as my intention in my Amrit Series Yoga class.  I was using it intentionally to mean freedom in my body, as I went through the series.  One definition of freedom is “Ease and grace, as of movement; lack of effort”. Little did I know how this intention was going to take my life to whole new level and allow me to stretch into places I have never been.  The qualities of ease and grace in my body translated to finding ease and grace in my life and how to create that in my life.  It has made me realize what a powerful manifestor I am.  The saying “watch out what you wish for” comes to mind.

I have been in the process for the past three and a half years recreating myself. After 27 years as a real estate broker and company owner I took some time off and then went back to school to be a health and wellness coach, learning about nutrition, diets and primary foods, those things that nourish us that aren’t food.  I learned to think along the lines of relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity.  Basically my goal is to help people incorporate mind, body and spirit into their lives, by looking at what is blocking them using my clairvoyant training to read their energy fields.  With that said, by focusing on the intention of freedom for a while now, I have reached several things that are blocking me in my life from having freedom I now desire beyond just freedom in my body.  I have been up close and personal with the fears and beliefs that have been holding me back.  I also realize now that I can do any of this or make these changes without really embracing and getting more deeply in touch with my spiritual side.  I know I need to create time in my life to meditate, keep myself grounded and clear of unwanted energies and connect to my source. I also need to  focus on what is positive in my life instead of letting the negative self talk drive the bus.

Some of this things I have learned from my time with exploring freedom is:

1. Stop spending money on things I already know.

There was a class on how to be a light worker from an entrepreneurial stand point.  It was very expensive and required travel which added to the expense.  I told a friend about it and she said “you could probably teach that class”  She’s right, I don’t need to look outside of myself to find answers or to use it as a excuse for not doing it perfectly and actually do it the way the way I should be doing it, that works for me!  I have to stop looking outside myself for answers, because I know I have everything I need in me.

2. Accept discomfort as a reality for now.

When we expand or make changes in our life and allow freedom from our old beliefs and patterns to shift, it’s going be uncomfortable.  Sometimes it’s even going to suck!  It will pull you out of your comfort zone and will stretch you in ways you never through you could.

3. Be ok in the chaos.

My life is a little chaotic right now, which doesn’t sit well in my always have a plan, problem solving personality.  Right now I have to be ok in the chaos of changing my life to create more freedom in it.

4. It’s ok to be me!

I have to let go of the pictures and ideas I have on what or how my life should look.  Giving myself the flexibility to stumble, to redirect and learn how to stretch myself.  I look at where I was last summer when I started a weekly commitment to my yoga series.  I didn’t miss one session for 20 weeks.  Each class was a lesson in freedom, breath and noticing where my mind wanted to take me, with the intention of always bringing it back into the pose.

I have moved from just wanting freedom in my body to a long list of where I want
to be free.

Freedom to feel.
Freedom to be fully in my body and accept where it is day to day.
Freedom to be vulnerable.
Freedom to risk.
Freedom to give and receive.
Freedom to love.
Freedom to hope.
Freedom to choose.
Freedom to believe.
Freedom to be happy.
Freedom to be at peace.
Freedom to completely realize my dreams and goals.
Freedom to fully engage in life.
Freedom to be an active and conscious participant.
Freedom to know my values and live them
Freedom to be me.

I hope I have inspired you to look at freedom and how you can express it in
your life and maybe some idea’s of how to deal with it with ease and grace, when it
comes knocking on your door.  I would love to hear some of your thoughts on
freedom, what it means in your life, how you allow it in your life or maybe you
don’t and want to explore it more.

Lisa Bova

Lisa Bova is owner of Transformation Living and Wellness.  She is an
intuitive,  energy healer, certified holistic health and wellness coach who strives to
help people discover what is blocking them from achieving everything they
want from life.  To see what Lisa is up to, check out her blog and website at, “like” her on Facebook or
follow her in twitter


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