Lisa Bova’s Word for the Year-Freedom


I met Lisa Bova over 10 years ago back when she was a realtor and was very impressed with her. We have kept in touch over the years-I always enjoyed touching base with her. I am so excited where life is leading her now. I thought she would be an inspiration to you all so I asked Lisa to share her Word for the Year with you. I love what she wrote, I can totally relate. I think you will too. Enjoy!

From Lisa-

When Debbie asked me to write a blog on my word for the year, I knew exactly what the word would be-Freedom.  I had been using this word for few months as my intention in my Amrit Series Yoga class.  I was using it intentionally to mean freedom in my body, as I went through the series.  One definition of freedom is “Ease and grace, as of movement; lack of effort”. Little did I know how this intention was going to take my life to whole new level and allow me to stretch into places I have never been.  The qualities of ease and grace in my body translated to finding ease and grace in my life and how to create that in my life.  It has made me realize what a powerful manifestor I am.  The saying “watch out what you wish for” comes to mind.

I have been in the process for the past three and a half years recreating myself. After 27 years as a real estate broker and company owner I took some time off and then went back to school to be a health and wellness coach, learning about nutrition, diets and primary foods, those things that nourish us that aren’t food.  I learned to think along the lines of relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity.  Basically my goal is to help people incorporate mind, body and spirit into their lives, by looking at what is blocking them using my clairvoyant training to read their energy fields.  With that said, by focusing on the intention of freedom for a while now, I have reached several things that are blocking me in my life from having freedom I now desire beyond just freedom in my body.  I have been up close and personal with the fears and beliefs that have been holding me back.  I also realize now that I can do any of this or make these changes without really embracing and getting more deeply in touch with my spiritual side.  I know I need to create time in my life to meditate, keep myself grounded and clear of unwanted energies and connect to my source. I also need to  focus on what is positive in my life instead of letting the negative self talk drive the bus.

Some of this things I have learned from my time with exploring freedom is:

1. Stop spending money on things I already know.

There was a class on how to be a light worker from an entrepreneurial stand point.  It was very expensive and required travel which added to the expense.  I told a friend about it and she said “you could probably teach that class”  She’s right, I don’t need to look outside of myself to find answers or to use it as a excuse for not doing it perfectly and actually do it the way the way I should be doing it, that works for me!  I have to stop looking outside myself for answers, because I know I have everything I need in me.

2. Accept discomfort as a reality for now.

When we expand or make changes in our life and allow freedom from our old beliefs and patterns to shift, it’s going be uncomfortable.  Sometimes it’s even going to suck!  It will pull you out of your comfort zone and will stretch you in ways you never through you could.

3. Be ok in the chaos.

My life is a little chaotic right now, which doesn’t sit well in my always have a plan, problem solving personality.  Right now I have to be ok in the chaos of changing my life to create more freedom in it.

4. It’s ok to be me!

I have to let go of the pictures and ideas I have on what or how my life should look.  Giving myself the flexibility to stumble, to redirect and learn how to stretch myself.  I look at where I was last summer when I started a weekly commitment to my yoga series.  I didn’t miss one session for 20 weeks.  Each class was a lesson in freedom, breath and noticing where my mind wanted to take me, with the intention of always bringing it back into the pose.

I have moved from just wanting freedom in my body to a long list of where I want
to be free.

Freedom to feel.
Freedom to be fully in my body and accept where it is day to day.
Freedom to be vulnerable.
Freedom to risk.
Freedom to give and receive.
Freedom to love.
Freedom to hope.
Freedom to choose.
Freedom to believe.
Freedom to be happy.
Freedom to be at peace.
Freedom to completely realize my dreams and goals.
Freedom to fully engage in life.
Freedom to be an active and conscious participant.
Freedom to know my values and live them
Freedom to be me.

I hope I have inspired you to look at freedom and how you can express it in
your life and maybe some idea’s of how to deal with it with ease and grace, when it
comes knocking on your door.  I would love to hear some of your thoughts on
freedom, what it means in your life, how you allow it in your life or maybe you
don’t and want to explore it more.

Lisa Bova

Lisa Bova is owner of Transformation Living and Wellness.  She is an
intuitive,  energy healer, certified holistic health and wellness coach who strives to
help people discover what is blocking them from achieving everything they
want from life.  To see what Lisa is up to, check out her blog and website at, “like” her on Facebook or
follow her in twitter

2014 Word for the Year-Zen


zen frameHappy January 1st, 2014! Here we are again, a new year and a new word to choose for the year. This is the 5th year that I have chosen a word to frame and look at everyday. It all started in 2010 at the suggestion of one of my favorite yoga teachers, Mary NurrrieStearns, and I chose the word Create. 2011 I chose Pursue, 2012 was Delve and 2013 was Focus.

2013 Recap

2013 turned out to be a rough year in many ways, and I was really tested with the word Focus. It was very hard to do with last year’s life circumstances. But I did try even though it was  frustrating! I waver about how much to share personally and how much to be private, but I think I am supposed to help others and be real and I don’t want you all to think Happy First is just about being happy all the time and that my life is perfect. I think the philosophy behind Happy First is about having a positive attitude and outlook in good times and adversity and just having faith that things happen for a reason sometimes that we don’t understand and that adversity can make us stronger and the experiences we have can help others.

So a brief recap of 2013 and then let’s start fresh with a new year. My mom had been really ill for couple of years and I was constantly running back and forth to Dallas from Tulsa (4 hours away) and had the guilt of leaving my family here and not being down there enough to help my sister  who lives in Dallas. My mom passed away in April. It was really sad but she had suffered so much so it was good that she was no longer suffering. She had a full life and helped so many people. Now we are working on cleaning out her house and that is a huge job. So I am still going back and forth.

In the summer we lost 2 of our 4 dogs. In August we had to put Baron, our Great Pyrenees to sleep. He was 10. He was such a sweetie and a protector of our other dogs and property. Then we lost Scooter, our blue heeler mix, 6 weeks later. He was around 12 years old and we knew he didn’t have long. But he died doing what he loved-he went running with me and the 2 remaining dogs on our property and then disappeared after the first lap. I found him dead in the woods the next day. He must have had a heart attack.

Then my Uncle-my mom’s only sibling, passed away suddenly of a heart attack in November and we flew up to New York City for the week for the funeral and to be with family. It was sad and unexpected but it was so good to see family we hadn’t seen in a while and met some new people that were so close to my Uncle.

We also have lost both of my husband’s parents in the last 2 years.

Great things too in 2013. Fun trips with family and friends. Our oldest son got engaged to his high school sweetheart and we just love her and her family. And then he just graduated college this December, yay!

Also I have finally delved more into my own hand drawn simple designs and am learning to delegate to some great helpers so I can spend more time being creative and do the things I love instead of being bogged down with the busyness. (Thank you so much my friend and mentor for your help-CC Lawhon, author of Guru You– in finding ME and being ME and helping me on all of this)

We had a busy fall with Happy First sales, even though the weather sometimes got in the way!

I went to an awesome meditation retreat at the beginning of November-Transformative Meditation and Yoga Retreat– facilitated and created by Mary, my yoga teacher. I will have to do a separate blog post on that, it was so great.

And we just got a new puppy a few weeks ago-he is half Great Pyrenees and half Anatolian Shepherd. He is a handful but so much fun! The 2 older dogs are slowly getting used to him. His name is Otto.

So I hope I didn’t bum you all out. Just wanted to let you know that we all go through stuff and every day is a new beginning. I think 2013 was an incubation period for me. And that is fitting with the egg logo and what Happy First represents. So now I am ready to once again burst out of my shell.

Now to 2014

My word for 2014 is ZEN. I had just come up with some new “Zen Chick” tees and a scarf this fall for our Yoga Collection but didn’t realize it would be my word for this year.

Zen has a Buddhist origin meaning achieving sudden enlightenment but that is not really what I am talking about here, or what Zen means to me.

I did look up some other meanings of Zen – the Urban Dictionary (isn’t that an interesting source?) says Zen is-“a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.” It also says Zen is “complete and absolute peace” (wow wouldn’t that be something?)

One of my very favorite blogs is Zen Habits. This is what they say- “Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.”

I’m also reading a book that CC recommended called “Zen and the art of making a living” by Laurence G. Boldt. It is really good; I am not too far into it just yet. Several things I like that it says so far is that Zen is spirit in the everyday. The integration of spiritual and material. An awareness of the sacred in the ordinary. Also awareness and spirit applied to everyday life and work.

So what I am wanting to do with this word ZEN is focus on simplicity and BE PRESENT. The way I draw is pure and simple and happy. I want to be in that “creative zone” that I sometimes get into when I am really focusing and having fun creating and losing concept of time. (oh oops my husband says I never have concept of time, ha!).

I also want to smell the roses. This Zen book above talks about being aware of nature. Here I am surrounded by woods and beauty and birds and animals and sometimes I get so caught up in my busyness that I don’t even see it. And I have had a hard time just slowing down and relaxing. So going to work on that! And also balance (if there is such thing?) and mindfulness-oh- see Kelli’s post last year on mindfulness.

I love doing this Word for the Year and I love hearing what everyone else comes up with. We have some great guest posts lined up and we also have a Pinterest board where you can share there too or just get ideas! And I so welcome your comments here on the blog and pinterest and if you want to guest blog, please let me know!

I am thinking that along with the Word for the Year, I also want to break it down with related Word for the Months (maybe because I am ADD and get bored!). I think sometimes people get excited at the New Year but then fade as the months go by so if we make Words of the Month, it will help us focus on our overall Word for the Year.

I don’t have all my words planned out for each month yet. I will keep you posted. I want to get organized and declutter in January so I feel more free to create (January is National Creativity Month) and I also like to talk about health and fitness so let’s say the January Word will be Zen which includes all of these and we will go from there.

So I am excited for a new year, a new word, and to the word you choose and why!

Meet Author and Yogi Maria Murnane

Happy National Yoga Month! Meet my author friend, Maria Murnane. We met in New York a couple of years ago when we were both speakers at a conference-we had quite the adventure together with our friend Linda, more on that and fun Linda later! At the time, Maria had just written her first book, Perfect on Paper. I couldn’t put it down! I had it finished as the plane landed in Tulsa from New York. All of her books are like that with me, I can’t think about anything else until I finish them! So we became fast friends and that following fall she came to stay with me and speak to a couple of groups here in Tulsa. We had so much fun and we went to yoga together at my favorite place, Inner Peace Yoga. So, I knew that Maria was quite the yogi! I asked her to write something about yoga for this month and she was more than happy to! I love what she wrote, it is so true about life! Enjoy, my friends and thanks so much Maria!

Like a Yoga Practice, Writing Takes DisciplineMaria_headshot_1_April_2012

As a full-time author, I regularly meet people who tell me they want to write a book and/or are working on a book. Most of the time, unfortunately, their talk never turns into an actual book.

These folks, who I’m sure truly do want to become authors, remind me of the people I see packing the classes every January at the yoga studio I frequent. They’ve clearly made New Year’s resolutions to get in shape, so they sign up for yoga and jump in eagerly. But by February, they’re gone. I imagine they have all sorts of reasons for why they stopped coming to class. Too busy with work/kids/family. Not enough time. Schedule conflicts. Etc. etc. etc.

These are all excuses. The simple truth is that yoga is HARD, and it takes a lot of discipline to practice on a regular basis and get into good shape.


Just like a yoga practice, writing requires discipline

It’s the same thing with writing. Even if you have a wonderful idea for a book, writing a book is HARD. In addition to the sheer creative effort, it’s not like an office job where you have to show up or you’ll get fired. It’s up to you to sit down today and tomorrow and the day after that and just write.

I once spoke on a panel with a woman who said she approached writing her book the same way she approached training for a marathon. I thought that was a great way to look at it. You can’t just show up and run 26.2 miles without training, and a book isn’t just going to appear on your computer screen because you really want to be an author.

While the “lifestyle of a writer” can sound idyllic because no one is looking over your shoulder, it also requires discipline and self-motivation. Just as with your yoga practice, the more seriously you take your writing, the more likely you are to succeed.



Maria Murnane is the author of the best-selling romantic comedies Perfect on Paper, It’s a Waverly Life, Honey on Your Mind, and Chocolate for Two, novels for anyone who has ever run into an ex while looking like crap. She also provides consulting services on book publishing and marketing. Learn more at


Celebrate National Yoga Month with Yogi and Author Kayce Hughlett

kayceheadshot copy

I am so so thrilled to share Kayce Hughlett with you! She is an Oklahoma girl but now lives in Seattle. We met at a friend’s party in Tulsa a couple of years ago; Kayce was visiting for her book signing; she is the author of As I Lay Pondering-Daily Invitations to Live a Transformed Life. (Check out the As I Lay Pondering facebook page too). Well, we instantly bonded-we “got” each other, it was as if no one else were in the room-we just chatted and chatted. We just have the same outlook and philosophy on life. I LOVE her and her book, I read it every morning. She so inspires me. I knew Kayce loved yoga, so I wanted to share her with you for National Yoga Month. So here she is, thanks Kayce!

Dear Yoga… How do I love thee? 

I remember the first time someone introduced me as a “yogi.” We weren’t in a class or even talking about yoga. She was a friend of my son’s and someone I’d had a few discussions with about life and living. I thought about setting her straight and saying “I’m not really a yogi,” but something stopped me. Then, a day or two later, I ran across this quote from Deepak Chopra:

“Practitioners of yoga—yogis—are dynamic and creative forces for positive change.” 

Yes, I am a yogi. I believe the yoga mindset—creating positive change—can revolutionize how we respond to one another in the world. I practice yoga to find unity within myself (body, mind, spirit) and, in return, I find connection with other people. Together, we witness and experience positive change.

I do yoga, because it feels great… and it’s challenging. Many of my teachers say the hardest part of the practice is showing up. So true! I don’t always feel like getting out of bed in the morning, but the benefits are always there.

Yoga calms my mind and stretches my body. It calms my body and stretches my mind. Practicing yoga brings the essence of who I am into harmony. Body, mind, and spirit all connect when I am in my yoga practice.

I like to move. Unlike meditation and prayer that leave me relaxed and restored (which I love), yoga lifts any sedentary feelings and energizes me for the day. I’ve heard that the asana poses were developed to give the body something to do so the mind can relax. When I’m trying to balance on one leg or breathe from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, it’s pretty hard to worry about the grocery list or that looming project at work.

Yoga allows me to slip outside my potentially hectic world and slide into a place where only the present moment is essential. It’s just my mat and me for an hour or so… and the mat offers no judgment or criticism.

Yoga comes in many forms and style. My main practice is a form of hot yoga or Hatha where we hold a series of poses for 60 or 90 minutes in a room heated to about 100°. The heat is perfect for me—an Oklahoma girl transplanted to Seattle—especially in the winter. It warms my bones and brightens my spirit.

I leave feeling restored, cleansed, and more clear. The practice not only calms my mind, but also detoxes and strengthens my body. I love getting stronger and being more relaxed. When I practice in the morning, it carries through the rest of my day in lovely ways. In the evening, I find that I sleep more soundly.

Yoga connects me not only to myself, but also to the larger world. I practice in community. I practice on my own. I practice. This concept of “practice” is one of the most profound benefits of yoga, because isn’t everything we do simply practice? We practice how to be better friends, partners, parents, and people. We try new things at home and at work. We practice. Some days things go smoothly. Others not so much.

In yoga, our bodies respond differently every day. Some classes I move into standing bow effortlessly and float like a weightless dancer. Other times, my arm aches or my leg wobbles and I tip over like a drunken flamingo.

Isn’t that how life is? One morning you’re on top of the world and the next day the whirlwind of craziness won’t stop. Yoga gives me the chance to practice being kind to myself… to witness and observe the places I feel creaky and could use a little oil. It allows me to practice being at ease while doing something hard… to sink into the beauty of simply feeling breath move in and out of my lungs.

Yoga has enhanced my life in significant ways—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I love it and am so grateful to Happy First for inviting me to put it into words! If you don’t already practice yoga, I hope you’ll consider finding a class that’s right for you. Talk to your friends. Ask teachers. Read descriptions. See what resonates.

Become a creative force for positive change. Practice Yoga!!


kayceupsidedown copy

(p.s. – check out our site-we put all of our yoga clothing on sale for the month of September!)

Happy September 1st & Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Happy September 1st my friends! I hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day Weekend! I love to celebrate a new month and a new season, yay!

Lots of exciting things coming this month and some great guest posts coming since this is both National Blood Cancer Awareness Month and National Yoga Month! What a great combination when you think about it, wish I had known about Yoga when I was going through treatment 18 years ago.

Anyway, more to come, follow us via Bloglovin or RSS feed to get our posts!

What’s your Word for 2013?

january 1st

Happy January 1st my friends, and Happy 2013! As you know, I love to celebrate firsts and new beginnings! I love the start of a new year, it is so fresh and fun and full of possibilities. I view life as a big adventure and I love to experience new things.

I’m spending this week reflecting on 2012 and planning for 2013.

Yesterday on my Happy First facebook page I asked the question- Does anyone make resolutions? The first response came from a dear friend who said she doesn’t make resolutions, too much pressure and she doesn’t want to be disappointed. Someone else agreed. Wow, that is so foreign to me, I am constantly setting goals. I am so Type A, have trouble slowing down. And I look at this dear friend and wish I was more like her, so balanced and calm.

But we have to work with who we are right? And that is what makes everyone so fun and different and that is what is great about having friends and a spouse that are totally opposite of me. They keep me in balance!

So back to my Type A goal setting-ha ha. (By the way, check out my earlier blog post about setting goals) Every year for the past few years I have chosen a word to embrace for the year. It started in 2010-my word was Create, 2011 was Pursue and 2012 was Delve (delve in 2012). I encourage you all to think of a word and frame it so you can see it every day. This year I am putting it on my desk.

Before I tell you 2013’s word, let me reflect on 2012. I chose Delve. I wanted to learn new things. Well, I did learn new things, but I think my word should have been Explore for last year, because I did so many things on the surface but didn’t really delve or get good at any of them. I looked into classes at our local community college and took all of these classes last year (I dragged some friends with me too to these classes)-Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, a 5 week photography class (I got a digital SLR for my birthday and wanted to learn how to really use it) and a jewelry stamping class!

I learned new skills and met fun people, but this year I want to really FOCUS so that is my word for 2013. I have said that before, I am spread too thin. I want to be super business owner and super mom and super volunteer and experience everything! Well, I can’t be good at everything if I am overextended. I am really going to work on my schedule and say no more and when I am working I am focusing on work-no distractions-and when I am doing family things I am with family. I love Yoga-one of the things they are always saying is BE PRESENT-so I am going to work on being present!

Some other ideas I came up with for some good words-be LEAN in 2013-that can be like lean in being fit or lean in your business. I had New Year’s Eve dinner with cousins last night and I was asking them their word ideas and my cousin Ralph said Lucky 13 for 2013. So maybe 2013 will be your lucky year! (as you may know, I have a lucky chick tee and I wrote about Luck).

But I digress, I must FOCUS on my word FOCUS. What is your word for 2013? I love hearing everyone’s ideas! Let’s inspire each other! Happy 2013!

focus ps-I tend to want to make everything perfect. I could have spent hours choosing the perfect font or drawing up something to frame. Instead, I just chose to keep it simple! So it is not perfect, but it is already sitting on my desk.

Be a Lucky Chick!

Lucky Chick Long Sleeve burnoutMy newest tee is the Lucky Chick-I thought it would be fun for the Spring, my favorite season! It’s available in our popular long sleeve burnout and a short sleeve gradient lime tee. It’s designed with green in both tees so you won’t get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day, but I think you can be a Lucky Chick all year long! (Someone said they will be wearing it to the casino, didn’t think of that one-but that works!)

What is Lucky?

I looked up Luck in the dictionary and it said “success or failure brought by chance rather than one’s actions”. I am not really a believer in that kind of luck. Yea, you can be in the right place at the right time, but I agree with what my friend Kim Fuller said on my Happy First Facebook page-she’s a “make my own luck chick”! I love that! I believe that we all have the power to change our future based on our choices. And I know things happen in life, but it is the attitude we have and how we handle circumstances that creates our destiny.

I believe I am lucky because I am here! I went through Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 17 years ago and am happy to be here! (And have you seen that Happy to be Here tee?) I feel blessed with my family and friends and just all the opportunities and adventures that are all just waiting for me. I knew in my heart when I was going through treatment that something good was going to come out of my experience. Through creating Happy First I have met so many incredible people and am making a difference! I have met other entrepreneurs, survivors and patients. My newest friend is undergoing treatment from Hodgkin’s and she lives in South Africa. She found me through my blog. You never know where your experiences can take you. (By the way she is doing great!)

Find your Passion and Pursue it

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about finding your passion and pursuing it. It doesn’t mean you have to quit your current job or anything. Just figure out what you love to do and start doing it. You never know where it will lead you.  Some of you know my story, I started out in college as a fashion design major and then switched to accounting because I was so good with numbers and thought I would make more money being a CPA. But I was miserable; I didn’t like it-it wasn’t my passion.

When you decide on a path, it is like things and people just start appearing and falling into place. “Leap and the net will appear”. A word that keeps popping up with me recently is synchronicity. That word showed up in 2 different studies (below) I was doing on the same day! The dictionary defines synchronicity as – the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection .

Some would say it is coincidence, but I like to think that things are not really coincidences. I have really been delving this year (my word for 2012 is delve-check it out). In January I signed up for both the Baron Baptist 40 days to Personal Revolution and started reading a book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. That book has been sitting on my shelf for years-I don’t even remember who told me to buy it. I started these studies on the same day and it is weird (or synchronous) how these two go hand in hand. I am going to to tell you more about both in another post-what a creative journey!

Anyway Baron Baptiste talks about having a vision shift -he said “our greatest power to change ourselves is found in our ability to see beyond the veil, to see with an enlightened vision. He said a vision shift calls for attention, intention and faith. He quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson- “Once you make a decision , the universe conspires to make it happen”. He mentioned the word synchronicity.

in her book Julia Cameron said “Take a small step in the direction of a dream and watch the synchronous doors flying open”.  Another quote she included was by Goethe “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do , begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”

I’m not trying to be weird or voodoo here, I am just saying, once you decide and commit to a path, things fall into place.

Finding Synchronicity

I feel like I experience synchronicity almost every day. People are just coming into my path. A couple of weeks ago I had coffee with Judi Groves, founder of Breast Impressions and Turn Tulsa Pink. I thought we were meeting really quickly so I could give her her Super Chick tee. Anyway, 2 hours later we were still talking! She is contagious. She loves life and helping others and has a huge vision. Then last week I went to a friend’s party and met Kayce Hughlett. Kayce wrote a book that I bought on the spot that night-As I lay Pondering Daily Invitations to Live a Transformed Life. We immediately clicked – we are kindred spirits. She just included me in her blog-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds– I am honored!

Both of these women and I talked about how you are never to old to start pursuing your passion. All your experiences and circumstances are leading you up to what you are supposed to do now.

I want you to realize that YOU too are created for greatness. I want you to find your passion and pursue it! I truly believe that every one of us is supposed to do something with our talents.

What is your passion? Remember, each one of us can be a “Lucky Chick!”

What’s your word for 2012?

happy new yearHappy New Year! I love January, it is another new beginning! You can live a life you love-make choices to get you to where you want to be! You can do anything you set your mind to! One thing that helps me in goal setting is to pick a word for the year.

Last year my word was Pursue. 2010 was Create. I encouraged others to think about a word for themselves for the year and frame it and put it in a place they will see every day. I chose my bathroom counter. This year’s word for me is DELVE – as in “Delve in 2012”! I looked up Delve and it means to search for something, or the research or making painstaking inquiries into something.

I have trouble focusing, saying no, over volunteering. I’ve been spread too thin. It has kept me from delving into the areas and relationships where I really want to spend my time. I feel the need to go deeper. Delve. So this is my year.

As I have said before in my Goal setting series, when you set goals for yourself, be specific rather than general.  So that is what I am going to do. I encourage you all to think about some things you want to change or learn this year and take steps to do it. I divide up my goal setting into home, business, creative goals and fitness goals. For creative I am going to learn Adobe Illustrator. I know enough to be dangerous! I am going to master it this year through tutorials and mentors. In 2010/11 I ran 2 half marathons with Team in Training to San Francisco and San Diego. Then I got injured over the summer and couldn’t run for 13 weeks. But it was a blessing in disguise because I really got into Yoga. So I am so excited- I have already signed up for the 40 Day Revolution at Inner Peace Yoga in Tulsa starting January 8. (Yoga 6 days a week for 40 days!) I’m Type A, I have to have goals like this. Oooh, maybe that means I really need yoga, huh? For home I plan on having every room in our house reorganized and decluttered by March 31st. That’s a tough one because home organization is ongoing. I am also setting new goals for my business.

So I guess since I have told you a bit about my goals, I have to be accountable, right? It really helps to be accountable to someone. Last year a friend and I were accountable to each other with our weight goals. So feel free to be accountable to me if you want, or a friend. What are some of your goals? It is inspiring to see what everyone comes up with! I am going to be featuring some of my friends soon and their words of wisdom!

Oh, and what is your word for 2012?

“Chicks” with attitude!

Yoga ChickMy “Chick” line of tees has been growing by leaps and bounds! It all began with the “Happy Chick” tee and from there the ideas have been endless. We now have Runner Chick, Yoga Chick, Tennis Chick, etc (too many to name! Just look at our “chick” link on our Happy First site.) Everyone keeps coming up with new ideas.

I think it is fun to wear a tee  that says who we are or what we like to do-it  reflects our mindset and hobbies.  It’s an attitude! It invites others to come along and join the fun. We women like to spend time together  with girlfriends and be part of a group.

As women we have so many demands with family, work, volunteering, etc. that sometimes it is hard to carve out time for ourselves. One of my friends said once she had kids, it wasn’t about her anymore. We have to (and want to) put others first; but I think it is important not to lose ourselves. We need to find some things that give us joy and energize us so we are better at all the other things we do. I think I am a better wife and mom because I put some fun and friendship in my life and am pursuing various hobbies and adventures. There is not enough time in the day to pursue all the things I want to do-I am a runner, yoga, golf, okie chick! (I think more than that actually).

Right now we are having a contest to name the next “chick” tee-we received over a hundred entries on our Happy First Facebook  page and painfully (because they were all great!)  narrowed it down to the top 10. The top 10 ideas are- Adventurous, Biker, Bling, Charity, Drama, Praying, Spa, Strong, Super, Zen. People can vote on Facebook and the winner will be announced on January 12th. Then we will get busy designing the winner tee. The winner will receive a free tee for herself and a friend, plus we  will donate 30% of the proceeds from that tee (sales from January 16-March 31) to their favorite charity.
Come join the fun and read what the top 10 had say about their “chick” idea and who their favorite charity is and why. They will be on Facebook and I will also feature them on our blog in the upcoming days.  And then vote for your favorite and spread the word!

And what kind of “Chick” are you?

Happy December 1st!

Happy December 1st, my friends!

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I have always loved and celebrated the first of the month. It is a fresh start! I look at each month with eagerness and anticipation of what is next. I love learning new things and new friends and adventures. I wish everyone viewed life this way. I am working on spreading that message! I believe each one of you has creativity and talents. That is what the egg represents, your potential inside!

Had lots of new this past week-launched our new website, Happy First, in time for cyber weekend. We still have things to add and change, it is a work in progress. I am having fun learning how to use the new website, loading the store, learning the pages. I love learning new things-but it has fried my brain the past few days! So much new! Been hunched over the computer for days. Good thing I have yoga in my life!

Just in case I didn’t think I had enough to do, we had our first giveaway on our Happy First facebook page last weekend and are doing another one starting today. Giving away fun hoodies to those that sign up under Sweepstakes on the facebook page. Another learning curve to go! And we are running the New Chick contest, having someone come up with our next Chick tee! (see the Notes on facebook or the November blog post).

Another new this week-met a friend through a mutual friend on facebook and so we had lunch on Wednesday and talked nonstop-we had never met before. We have the same life philosophy. I know something great will come out of our new friendship. I will be introducing you to her soon!

So the theme of my post today is do something new! Take a chance! Have fun! Dive in!